Month: November 2017

Talk Tuesday: Can You Remain Friends With Someone You’re In Love With?

At some point in your life you have caught feelings for a friend or that friend may have caught feelings for you. Sometimes it’s mutual and often times it is not mutual. Relationships should begin from being great friends while it may just stay in the friend zone or it may blossom to a long …

Mane Monday: Flexi Rodset using Creme of Nature #IssaFail

Over the weekend I attempted to do a flexi rodset on my natural hair. The products I used were the all new Creme of Nature line purchased at Walgreens during their BOGO 50% sale. I filmed the tutorial in which you can watch here.

Talk Tuesday: Recognize Your Insecurities & Own Them

Nine out Ten Kids are bullied in elementary school. Now a days with social media being the center of everyone’s world, cyber bullying is also at an all time high. With all the things that have transpired in my life I feel it is time to share my insecurities and how I have overcome them …

The Introverted Single Friend Podcast Episode 7

Ms Honey Mondays is here! We are on episode 7, if you need to catch up be sure to subscribe via iTunes or follow the Soundcloud page so you don’t miss out. Episode 7 includes trending topics in social media, over the weekend festivities and The Topic of the Day.