Month: January 2018

Talk Tuesday: Does Ring Size Matter?

Too often we make things about material things and how much money someone spends on you determines how they feel about you. I’ve seen topics on the wedding ring size whether it determines if a woman will say yes or no when the man gets on one knee. Let’s talk.

Misunderstood Monday: Is Your MCM Considered A Real One If He Isn’t Faithful

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good Misunderstood Monday topic. I need answers, I want to know what my fellas think about today’s topic. Is a guy considered a real one if he isn’t loyal, faithful and honest to the lady in his life? Or does being real only apply to certain things?

Wash N Go Wednesday: Aunt Jackie Curls N Coils Products | Review

For the month of January I am doing a no product buy for 31 days which means, I will not purchase any hair products or makeup products. I received new products to try from the Aunt Jackies Curls and Coils line and it was just in time for wash day. I went almost three weeks …

Invest In Yourself: The Kash Beat 101 Makeup Seminar

Time and time again I’ve stated that I need to travel more. Do things out of my comfort zone without waiting for people. Do things and not get in my own way. This Fall I purchased a ticket to attend a makeup seminar by a celebrity makeup artist that I’ve followed on social media for …

Makeup Monday: Whats In My Beauty School Makeup Kit + Q&A

Makeup Monday, I am sharing what’s in my makeup kit that I obtained from beauty school. In order to be able to do makeup on clients while in beauty school we have been provided with the adequate tools to perform makeup application which of course was included in the tuition. I didn’t know what to …