Alter Ego: Aubrey Alexa

Aubrey Alexa: Jason Part III | Alter Ego

Being stubborn takes little to no effort for me. As much as I like Jason and I wanted to give him a piece of my mind I wanted him to know I was mad at him. My friend Nikki was who he had to go through if he had anything to say to me and …

Aubrey Alexa: Jason Part II | Alter Ego 

We could never make it official because we both cared about what others thought and weren’t into being the center of everyone’s conversation. It was all politics, Jason being one of the most popular kids in high school his fan list was down the hallway.

Aubrey Alexa: Try Outs | Alter Ego 

Save the Last Dance, Honey, and Bring It On were the popular movies out at this time. Every girl watched the movies and tried to mimic the cheer and dance moves in High School. It was time to execute the dance and cheer moves I was practicing in my bedroom and basement all this time.