Eco Style Gold Review & Demo | Natural Hair

Eco Style has released a new addition to their styling gel family. Eco Style Olive Oil & Shea Butter Black Castor & Flaxseed. Normally their products cost at most $5.99, but this price is $18. One of the most expensive products I purchased.

First Week Working for Clinique inside Ulta | Motivation Monday

Happy Monday! Second week of March we’re getting closer to Spring! Today’s Motivation Monday, I wanted to share my experience working for Clinique so far and how I got hired.

Talk Tuesday: Night Time Skin Care Routine

Clear skin has always been one of my top priorities. Before I even got into wearing makeup I always made sure I took care of my skin. It’s always important to have a skin care regimen that includes a morning and night-time routine. Today I am sharing what products I use before bed that keeps …

Curly Girl Method | Wash N Go Wednesday

February marks the two-year hair-versary since my second big chop. Right now I consider myself being in that awkward stage during my hair journey and it’s making me want to do another big chop. The keyword during your hair journey is patience.

You Only Get Out What You Put In | Lifestyle

As you know if you follow me on social media or have been checking out my Youtube vlogs I am in beauty school. For the last four years I’ve taught myself how to do makeup solely on myself. Within the last six months I’ve been teaching myself how to do makeup on others. When you …