Misunderstood Monday

Why We Date Based Off of Looks and Not Personality | Lifestyle

When it comes to finding the right one our first instinct is to look for what we are use to. We are used to what we like, we all have our “list” of what we like in someone, what we look for as far as physical features. We’re drawn toward what catches our eye. Up …

Don’t Rush A Good Thing. It Will Happen| Misunderstood Monday

The Introverted Single Friend isn’t an anti- relationship movement. I’ve been asked quite a few times if I will ever get into a relationship, or how long do I plan to be single. I give the blank stare before explaining. If you know me I get offended when people ask me certain questions and you …

Misunderstood Monday: Is Your MCM Considered A Real One If He Isn’t Faithful

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good Misunderstood Monday topic. I need answers, I want to know what my fellas think about today’s topic. Is a guy considered a real one if he isn’t loyal, faithful and honest to the lady in his life? Or does being real only apply to certain things?

Misunderstood Monday: Getting In Your Own Way When It Pertains to Dating

Hope you all had a great weekend. I had the pleasure of catching up with close girlfriends this past Sunday and it was a great time. Our conversations you can imagine inspired me for the next few blog topics to say the least. The four of us grew up together and although we have gone …

Misunderstood Monday | Woman vs Woman Competition

There has been this ongoing competition and both contenders are women. It’s hard to pin point one single cause for why women have a hard time supporting each other. The only person we as women should be in competition with is ourselves.