Wednesday Brunch

Wednesday Brunch: Dating Someone Years Younger Than You

We all know the saying, ‘Age ain’t nothing but a number’, when it comes to dating is this a deal breaker for you? No matter how old someone maybe, it doesn’t dictate their maturity level. Now a days it seems as though it is the norm to date someone younger than you, whether you’re a …

Wednesday Brunch: Write Down Your Goals

We are already on the last day of February, two months into 2018 have you achieved some of the goals you have planned? To be better than you were last year you have to do things differently. From short-term goals to long-term goals you should write them down and execute.

Wednesday Brunch: 3 Reasons Why Proposing To A Man Is Not The Answer

Chivalry isn’t dead. Courtship still exists. For some women we have our wedding day picked from the color scheme down to the venue. Marriage is a goal for some couples. Some people have a timeframe in which they would like to be married once they find their soul mate. These days women are taking it …

Wednesday Brunch: Dating These Days = Speeding and Dating Apps

As the years go by and the world revolves its actions around social media and what’s trending, it becomes harder to date. Have people met the love of their life organically less than those who’ve met their companion through speed dating and dating apps like Tender? 50% of my Instagram followers stated they have tried …

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Tell Your Friends Everything | Wednesday Brunch

We all have friends. We all vent to our friends whether it has to do with family drama, relationship issues, or work life stress. What we fail to realize is that our friends do not need to know every single problem that we may have in our relationship.