Monday Motivation : Feeling Discouraged

Monday means new week, new goals. A fresh start to achieve your goals and stop procrastinating on accomplishing things on your to-do list. It’s crazy that we are ending the second month of 2017. This Monday Motivation post is for those feeling discouraged in what ever it is that you are trying to achieve in life.

Past few days I have been feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, and defeated. From my full-time job , to my blog, to my Youtube channel and my social media platforms it’s a lot going on with ya’ girl. I work at home so I honestly have no excuse as to why I haven’t posted two to three post this past week. For me it’s quality over quantity and I did not have any topics on my heart that I felt were worth posting. I recently got a Neewer Ring Light that will be so bomb for my Youtube videos, that is one thing that I wanted to get so bad because lighting is everything and it makes your videos 10 times better quality.

Filming a few tutorials this week!

Speaking of Youtube I have 17 subscribers and the average views on my videos are about 30. I enjoy doing tutorials and I know that I have only taken this seriously within the last 6 months but we all get discouraged seeing numbers verses others in the same field. I love Youtube, I have learned so many things from it including how to do different hair styles, how to do certain make-up looks, how to fix things with cars that I have had. Youtube is something I want to correlate with my blog. I posted a video yesterday which you can view to the right of this site.

I have had this lifestyle blog since August of last year and I am still figuring out what it is my viewers like to see most. Majority of my content is topics, hair products I purchased, my fitness journey with helpful healthy eating tips. When it comes to my fitness journey I set out to be in the best shape for my birthday in April, I started the low carb diet in January. I’ve been feeling discouraged because I’m not seeing the results I want in an unrealistic time frame of course I’ve had more cheat days than I should so that goes to show you get in what you put out. The Alter Ego segment on the blog has definitely been slacking I haven’t posted in the last two Friday simply because of lack of inspiration, if you would like for it continue please let me know.

I will be in my current position with my full-time job for 1 year next month and I am looking forward to posting out into a new position within the company. I love the company, I love the opportunities of advancement so I would like to move forward before I get bored.

My motivation tip of the day would be if you’re feeling discouraged with your career, your goals, anything, just think about why you started, think about why you’re doing this, look at memories from beginning to now and see how far you’ve come. If you have a friend or family member that you can vent to just to get it all out and speak things into existence, do that. This past weekend I did that and it helped me sit down, focus and edit videos and work on the blog for you all. It’s normal to feel discouraged within your journey but don’t give up anything worth having doesn’t come easy.

Thanks for reading!

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