Writers Block

Writers Block

It has been 6 days since my last blog post, and I know to some it may not seem like a long time. For me I’d like to blog every two days to stay consistent for my viewers. I have been going through a lot with my personal life in regards to my immediate family and it has prevented me from being able to focus and dedicate time to blogging.

You ever feel like you have so much to say but don’t know where to begin? Maybe you have so much on your mind but you’re unable to put it into words for people to comprehend. That is me about 75% of the time. I started writing in notebooks when I was in high school. I was very close with my mother she was the one I would come home to and tell her about my day, tell her about boy crushes, or females I fell out with or befriended. Other times I would just write in my notebook and later if I felt down I would go back and reflect.

I appreciate when people see me out or contact me via Twitter and inquire about the blog or when’s the next blog post or if I still have a blog. I appreciate when people notice when I don’t think people pay attention.

This post is to update you all as to why its been a week since my last blog post and what’s been on my mind. Writing is a form of therapy and as you write and look back at what you wrote , months or years later, you learn about yourself. You can see how you’ve overcome obstacles, and think about the mind state you were in at that moment.

I’m open to collaborative blog posts, whether it’s makeup, natural hair tutorials, topics, or style or the day. If you have questions you’d like for me to answer on the blog or do a blog post on a certain topic, feel free to e-mail at contactmshoney@gmail.com.

Beyonce Launches New Ivy Park Fall Active Wear 2016 Collection

Beyonce Launches New Ivy Park Fall Active Wear 2016 Collection

Beyoncé released Ivy Park Active Wear Collection this past March, just in time for Fall Season she launches more active wear for the 2016 collection. For us ladies who work out and like to have the cutest work out clothes this would be a line to check out.

My goal with Ivy Park is to push the boundaries of athletic wear and to support and inspire women who understand that beauty is more than your physical appearance. True beauty is in the health of our minds, hearts, and bodies.

~ Beyoncé

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My First Brazilian Wax Experience

My First Brazilian Wax Experience


I wanted to share my experience with you ladies, for those of you who are thinking about it but too nervous, and even for those who get the service done monthly, everyone’s experience is different.

The style of waxing a woman’s pubic hair in which all of the hair is removed

Yes, I am in my late twenties and I’ve never had a Brazilian Wax before. I started getting my eyebrows waxed in my early twenties. Something about wax and strips that terrify me. So, yes all of my life I’ve shaved the va jay jay. It was time to conquer my fear.

I’ve made an appointment before for a Brazilian wax but I canceled because I was a punk. Fast forward months later, it’s time to give up shaving and bring on the wax. I made my appointment online at the European Wax Center. I have friends that go to this place for different services and they have over 700 locations in the United States.


I don’t know about you but when I visit a place for the first time or I want to try something new, I research on Google and or YouTube. Watching YouTube videos may not have been a good idea because the ladies I watched were hysterical, flinching, eyes watering, screaming. I contemplated canceling this appointment. I asked a few friends that experienced the Brazilian wax and I received mixed reviews. One friend went one time for prom and she cried. Another friend told me she is a Brazilian wax advocate, whereas my cousin told me , “…if you can laugh during a tattoo, you can go get a Brazilian wax..” She had a point.


My appointment was a Saturday morning, first errand of the day. Might as well get it over with and go on about my day. I arrived 10 minutes early. The receptionist greeted me, asked me a few questions and I was signed in. Five minutes later I met my specialist,Alex. She was pleasant and welcoming. The moment of truth arises as I walked down the hall into the room.

No need to stand around , off came the leggings and sandals. I laid on my back as she prepared the wax and tools. She asked me if it was my first time and I replied , “yes”. I appreciate honesty, she was straight forward, “the first time is always the worse, and then after that it’s not so bad”.

She proceeded to explain the process and that European Wax Center uses their own wax and it’s not harsh on the skin. Of course the wax is heated, once it is set, she rips it off quickly. Take a deep breath, and exhale. The pain has to be an 8, on a scaled of 1-10. We had a whole conversation during the procedure and it took my mind off of the expectations of pain. I forgot to mention, that I had waited awhile before making the appointment and it was a month since I last shaved, just so that there was enough to grip.

She goes over the area once which is the toughest layer, and then a second time to get what is left over with small strips, that part didn’t hurt as much and she assured me moving forward my next appointment would feel like that. You have to turn over on your back and squeeze your cheeks open, awkward for sure. Especially when the wax was put on, and surprisingly this didn’t hurt at all.



Ten minutes later we were done, she put on the Smooth Me Ingrown Hair Serum. Alex recommends to put it on daily after showering.I didn’t know how long I thought it would be, but it was over quick and that’s what I like. No tears, no eyes watering, no screams, I was all clear. I guess because I expected pain and I expected it to be unbearable, I was mentally prepared.


The cost of a Brazilian wax is $47 , when it is your first time you receive half off,  I purchased the serum which was $22, and because of how much I spent, I received a free tote. I also made my next appointment four weeks from now with Alex.


Have you had a brazilian wax before, what was your experience like? Share in the comments below.

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Mondays mean fresh start. Finish things you didn’t get to do the previous week. Wake up with a good attitude to conquer the upcoming week. Set short-term goals for the next 7 days.

We all have our Mondays when you hit snooze just a few times, take that extra few minutes to lay in bed. Two days off surely does go by fast but when you do something you love , you enjoy Mondays.

Whether you are in school, a stay at home mom, a career driven individual, we all have the same 24 hours and it is up to us to work towards our goals. Mondays should start off with a great workout, a great breakfast, and a positive outlook on the 5 work days ahead.

Just wanted to shed light and send positive vibes your way. For those of us who procrastinate, get up, get moving, and conquer all the things you have been putting off for tomorrow. If you have a job you don’t like, continue to work hard so that you can get the job you want. If you didn’t feel like going to the gym this morning, look at your progress pictures for motivation.

Thanks for reading, have a great Monday!

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