People Believe the 9-5 Work Life Is Overrated….




Lately I have been reading posts, and seeing tweets where people are discouraging others to have a career, feeling as though everyone should have their own business. If everyone is a boss, where are the workers? We all have dreams, aspirations, and the ultimate life goal but does that mean you have the capability to be your own boss or that you can’t achieve your life goal while working in corporate America? 

BlogTalk: Why does one think a 9-5 is overrated?

With social media and internet you basically can work any hours or start a business. Do anything sell anything. I personally think they are good tho  it’s a guaranteed job and you don’t have to worry if business is booming or not.


I think a 9-5 is overrated for people because the media both internet and TV push people toward the glamorous life, the american dream foreign cars and luxury where people feel having a 9-5 won’t get me these things. There are so many companies saying work from home become an entrepreneur but don’t give real guidance or knowledge behind it just give 200 dollars and boom you will be set. People feel 9-5 means work hard, work at that where you are trapped. People need to understand a 9-5 is what built the country to what it is, it gave people opportunity to work for benefits, money, and have stability. Unions were created based off the 9-5. Seems like people knock 9-5 as it’s not fast money for them which people want at any cost. Everyone wants the glory nobody wants to work for it.


Most of the worlds successful people started with a 9-5. I know one day I’m going to own something but I know I need a 9-5 to pay my way until I get to that point. But even if you aren’t planning entrepreneurship a good paying job with benefits ain’t never been a bad gig ..Yeah the internet paved the way for people to make it happen but not everyone is built like that. Some people crave stability. Some people don’t mind the ups and downs of having their own business.



Depends on the person. Everyone’s mindset is different. Everyone is built differently. Some ppl have the mindset for wanting bigger an better. Some are ok with just working their job an going home. Then there’s some who jus don’t have it in them or aren’t built to go out an do more. An u got some ppl who jus don’t know what they want or where to begin or don’t have the guidance so it jus leaves them stuck.

One might think a 9-5 is overrated because they could possibly get their responsibilities done in 4-5 hours but are held hostage at their workplace for the remaining time. Leaders/boss vs followers/employee makes the world go round. Someone has to fulfill the leaders vision. Plus a leader has qualities that everyone doesn’t possess. To not have those qualities  isn’t  a bad thing either.

Forget a 9-5 be your own boss have your own brand. Take it from me! I own a prospering business at 25 y/o! Just know what you want, and work overtime to go get it. Y’all working 8 hours to get another person rich forget that. Dedicate that time to you and what you want to do. Watch your life come up & ya income come up. Learn the business, take risk, learn from ya mistakes and stay consistent. Put it this way, there are millions of people in this world everyone isn’t going to be a boss however I encourage as many to be. There have to be people who work. McDonald’s need cashiers, Giant Eagle need people to stock etc but if you can be a boss.

My personal point of view is that I have bills and people to take care of it wouldn’t be smart for me to just quit my corporate job to pursue my ideal business. What I can do is work and save so that I can one day leave corporate America and make my passion my career. I don’t see anything wrong with having a 9-5 but I am an advocate for leaving a workplace if you’re unhappy and obtain a career that you do enjoy.

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  1. Rashod Odom

    Being a business owner is not easy and working a 9 to 5 ain’t easy. I think It all depends on what type of person you are and what you can tolerate. I don’t like jobs personally but if I need to work for someone to pay bills or help advance the ball for my career then fuck it. Jobs don’t make you less of a person or Man and being a business owner don’t come with fortune overnight, you have to work either way. Just be you!! Make sure your happy doing it and strive for excellence always.

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