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Invest In Yourself: Enrolled in Beauty School

New Year, New Beginnings, don’t just say it because it sounds good. You have 365 days to invest in yourself, make your dreams a reality. The third day of the new year was my first step into achieving one of my many goals. 2018 is the year to invest in yourself 100%.

Monday Motivation: New Beginnings Before 2018

New Week, New Goals, New beginnings. You don’t have to wait until the clock strikes 12 on New Years Day in order to begin your goals for 2018. Over the weekend I sat down and really thought about what my brand means to me and what the name of my brand represents. Back in September …

The Introverted Single Friend Podcast Episode 6

Seems like Monday appears rather quickly these days. We’re already on episode 6 of Season of The Introverted Single Friend Podcast. If you haven’t already , download the TuneIn App and search Blogordieradio.

The Introverted Single Friend Podcast Episode 1

The time has come. Today is the day. The official launch date of The Introverted Single Friend Podcast. Episode 1 is here and I’m eager and anxious for you to tune in. I appreciate the continuous support and the inspiration behind the podcast.

Misunderstood Monday | Woman vs Woman Competition

There has been this ongoing competition and both contenders are women. It’s hard to pin point one single cause for why women have a hard time supporting each other. The only person we as women should be in competition with is ourselves.