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Talk Tuesday: Does Ring Size Matter?

Too often we make things about material things and how much money someone spends on you determines how they feel about you. I’ve seen topics on the wedding ring size whether it determines if a woman will say yes or no when the man gets on one knee. Let’s talk.

Talk Tuesday: Recognize Your Insecurities & Own Them

Nine out Ten Kids are bullied in elementary school. Now a days with social media being the center of everyone’s world, cyber bullying is also at an all time high. With all the things that have transpired in my life I feel it is time to share my insecurities and how I have overcome them …

Wednesday Brunch: 3 Reasons Why Proposing To A Man Is Not The Answer

Chivalry isn’t dead. Courtship still exists. For some women we have our wedding day picked from the color scheme down to the venue. Marriage is a goal for some couples. Some people have a timeframe in which they would like to be married once they find their soul mate. These days women are taking it …

Her Story: I Was Pregnant When He Was Sentenced to Prison

Having a significant other incarcerated is nothing short of being out of the norm in the African -American community. Even if your significant other isn’t incarcerated, the father of your child may have been or currently is. One viewer who shall remain anonymous wanted to share her story and discuss the stereotypes and struggles of …

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Tell Your Friends Everything | Wednesday Brunch

We all have friends. We all vent to our friends whether it has to do with family drama, relationship issues, or work life stress. What we fail to realize is that our friends do not need to know every single problem that we may have in our relationship.