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To the Girl at the Gym… | Fitness

When it comes to weight training there isn’t a timeframe that I have set as an expiration date. Working out is apart of my life it’s what I do to maintain a healthy life. I had an interaction with a woman at the gym that I train at and I wanted to share with you …

Fit for 30 Final Week | Fitness 

Fit for 30 has come to an end. The final week ended for me this past Friday May 26th. Being as though this was Memorial Day weekend I did even try to have enough discipline to eat right let alone continue the protein smoothie only regimen. I didn’t attend any cookouts but I did enjoy …

Fit for 30 Week 3 Recap | Fitness

With just 9 days remaining in the month of May, the Fit for 30 is coming to an end. With this being the end of week 3 I’m preparing myself for this week’s liquid only meals, this will be a challenge considering I’m working in the office all of this week.