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Misunderstood Monday: Getting In Your Own Way When It Pertains to Dating

Hope you all had a great weekend. I had the pleasure of catching up with close girlfriends this past Sunday and it was a great time. Our conversations you can imagine inspired me for the next few blog topics to say the least. The four of us grew up together and although we have gone …

Misunderstood Monday | Woman vs Woman Competition

There has been this ongoing competition and both contenders are women. It’s hard to pin point one single cause for why women have a hard time supporting each other. The only person we as women should be in competition with is ourselves.

New Year New Perspective | Misunderstood Monday

New Years Eve marks 4 years of me being single and relocating from Maryland. The years sure do go by fast. I didn’t really know how I felt about NYE and I already knew I didn’t want to celebrate it…

Misunderstood Monday: The Misconception Of A Single Woman

At 2:30am I went to have breakfast with my lovely cousin, whom we always have the best thought-provoking conversations. Conversations about careers, relationships, fashion, and of course social media. Our conversation inspired today’s topic for #MisunderstoodMonday. Men’s misconception of a single woman tends to be a bit lost in translation.