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Monday Motivation: New Beginnings Before 2018

New Week, New Goals, New beginnings. You don’t have to wait until the clock strikes 12 on New Years Day in order to begin your goals for 2018. Over the weekend I sat down and really thought about what my brand means to me and what the name of my brand represents. Back in September …

The Introverted Single Friend Podcast Episode 6

Seems like Monday appears rather quickly these days. We’re already on episode 6 of Season of The Introverted Single Friend Podcast. If you haven’t already , download the TuneIn App and search Blogordieradio.

Invest In Yourself: 3 Ways to Avoid Credit Card Debt

In high school they don’t teach us about how to maintain a good credit score or even how to establish credit. They also make sure they repetitively speak the importance of going to college but not mention the option of a trade school or becoming an entrepreneur. Today’s Monday Motivation I am sharing 3 Ways …

Monday Motivation: Passion to Side Hustle

I know it’s been a while since I have shared a Monday Motivation blog post. I have been so busy with the new podcast and trying to keep my Youtube updated. Anyways Happy Monday, I have some motivation I hope it will inspire you to get out there and face your fears.

Motivation Monday: Love The Skin You’re In. You Are Enough

First Monday for the month of September. I want to send positive vibes your way. Today’s Monday Motivation goes out to all the young girls around the world as well as adults women. In today’s society and with cyber bullying being at an all time high, I want you all to know beauty comes from …