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Three Major Keys of Communication in a Relationship | Topics 

Just so that we’re all on the same page let’s just define communication. Communication means the connection of two people. When it comes to dating, or even a friendship, communication is key. If you’re around someone and you feel as though you can’t talk to them because of fear of how they will react, that’s not good.

Talk Tuesday: It’s Okay to Have Feelings You’re A Human Being

People in today’s world are so quick to scream “no feelings” or “I don’t need nobody, I got me”. It’s simply okay to care about someone, to have people around you that you can depend on when need be.

Talk Tuesday: You Can’t Keep A Man Whom Doesn’t Want To Be Kept

I would like for my blog post to appeal to both women and men. With today’s blog topic: You Can’t Keep A Man Whom Doesn’t Want to be Kept, is inspired by a Facebook status I came across yesterday. Ladies to keep a man learn how to cook…..

Talk Tuesday: Why Should A Woman Stick Around Until A Man Gets it Right?

A couple of days ago, I watched rapper Trina on The Breakfast Club and she was asked a few questions about dating and relationships. What stood out to me is when she generally asked, “Should a woman stick by her man if he cheats?” 

Talk Tuesday: 5 Mistakes Women Make When Friends With Benefits. 

Talk Tuesday. Let’s talk about friends with benefits. How do you feel about it? Have you had a friend with benefits, who caught feelings first? I have 5 mistakes women make when friends with benefits.