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To the Girl at the Gym… | Fitness

When it comes to weight training there isn’t a timeframe that I have set as an expiration date. Working out is apart of my life it’s what I do to maintain a healthy life. I had an interaction with a woman at the gym that I train at and I wanted to share with you …

Fit for 30 Week 3 Recap | Fitness

With just 9 days remaining in the month of May, the Fit for 30 is coming to an end. With this being the end of week 3 I’m preparing myself for this week’s liquid only meals, this will be a challenge considering I’m working in the office all of this week.

Fit for 30 Week 1 Recap | Fitness

It’s officially been 7 days since I started the Fit for 30 journey. Sundays start the new week meaning new meal plan and of course new challenges. I wanted to recap the first week including the workouts, the meals, and the helpfulness is the Facebook support group.

Fit for 30 : 30 Day Challenge | Fitness

It’s the first of the month. New Month , New Goals. Today is day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge, my trainer Coach Keem has put together for clients and non clients to get right for Summer 17. 30 Day Weight Loss, 30 Day Meal Plan, 30 Day Exercises and 30 Day Fit Cleanse.