Talk Tuesday: Can You Pay My Bills? How Are Bills Handled In Your Household?

There has been this meme going around on social media pertaining to how much one should pay when it comes to bills. This would be for those individuals in relationships that live together whether married or dating. I have seen some interesting comments in regards to the meme and I thought let me share my own insight.

There are more than one scenario in which this could work. This all depends on how much each person brings in each month or if the woman is a stay at home mother. I’ve seen comments where women believe men should pay everything as long as the women handle the house meaning, cook, clean, groceries. Men have also agreed to that as well in their household.

In a past relationship, I lived with my boyfriend at the time. He made the most money, ultimately I moved in with him so it wasn’t an apartment we picked out together, he had already lived on his own. He paid the rent, the utilities, the cable and the wi-fi. We both cooked and we both bought groceries. This worked for us. We both had our own cars paid our own car note and car insurance and separate cell phone bills.

If I were to get into a new relationship one, I would not move in unless we are engaged, I don’t feel as though girlfriend roles should include wifely duties. If that makes sense. Anyways, it all depends on how much each individual makes. I feel as though the bills should be split in half, 50/50. A joint account just for billing purposely only, otherwise each person has their own personal accounts. Now if the man insists on paying the rent in full on his own, I would most certainly pay the utilities and groceries. When it comes to household duties I feel as though there are no gender roles. We both clean and cook and do laundry.

I’ve always been brought up to be independent and to never depend on a man for anything. I never say never, but I would not want to be a housewife. I want to contribute to bills and bring in my own income. What I will say is, if the man is paying the rent in full, the woman should absolutely have money saved in a savings account as she should for sure have extra money each payday if she is managing her money well.

I don’t judge anyone or look at individuals differently for what they believe in. Society already tries to live our lives for us. What goes on in your household is between you and your spouse. Do what works for you.


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  1. MH

    Just as an alternate method. To be fair, splitting based upon Percentage works also. Not just 50/50. Say your significant other makes 100,000 and you make 30,000. If you split it 50/50. The other person is shorted significantly. So adjusting your percent to your income allows you to be independent answer contribute without having your funds impacted significantly. I read about a bunch of ways to think about funds when you are in a relationship. I think this is a equally great and important subject matter that too many people don’t talk about.

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