Talk Tuesday: Expecting Support From People Around You

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a teacher, an artist, a social media maven or retail cashier, don’t expect family or friends to support your endeavors. Don’t let the lack of support dictate if you achieve your goals. Refrain from any act of pettiness, deleting phone numbers, unfollowing on social media, no contact at all. Give them the choice to support genuinely if they don’t support you, allow them to continue to be that good friend, sister, brother, aunt or uncle to you.

Myleik Teele , the creator of curl box tweeted:

I have never expected my friends to support my businesses. They don’t need to show up or buy anything. They just need to be my friend.

I had to read that twice and let it sit for a minute. Honestly I am guilty of cutting people off and returning the favor of not showing up for people whom didn’t show up for me.

Here’s the thing, this is your journey, your goal,  vision. Your family and friends will not share the same aspirations. They don’t have to understand why you do the things that you do or the sacrifices you make for your future. If they don’t report your event flyer, or buy a T-shirt from your clothing line, or buy your new album, or take the time to read your blog, that is okay. You will succeed with or without them showing up.

We all have our lives some busier than others but when you have that monthly happy hour , or that weekly girls/ guys night, have fun, enjoy the diversity of your group and the thought-provoking conversations. Hell, don’t even bring up work just enjoy their company and appreciate the relationship you have with one another.

There seems to be a lot of people fallen out with friends or family due to the lack of support. I’ve seen IG posts, FB posts, and twitter beefs about it way too much. Also understand supporting someone costs money and time. Yes we choose to make time for what we want , but you have to let people do what they’re going to do. The show must go on.

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