Workout Update | Fitness Journey

I returned to the gym for the first time this past weekend, in almost two weeks as I was horribly sick. It killed me to not be able to work out, I barely had an appetite and I also missed days off from work. None the less I had to get back to the weights.

I’ve been working out since April of this year, I took a month off in August but I have been consistently working out with my trainer, three days a week for 60 minutes. I typically weigh myself the first of every month but I haven’t done so for the past two months. Some of us tend to get stuck on the number on the scale rather than remaining focus on the bigger picture. My routine is always different but each day we focus on one of the following: abs, legs, arms/chest and full body. Each day we do 2-4 circuits. For example Tuesday:

Leg Day:

Warm Up

50 jumping jacks | 20 squats | 30 high knees

25 fire hydrants on the mat

15 hip extensions

20-15-10 105lb Squat Rack

6-6-6 135lb Squat Rack

I do that 4 times then onto the next circuit 4 times as well.

25lb 20×3 Squat press

15lb 20×3 Jumping Jack Press

35lb 25×3 Squat kicks

25×3 hip raises on the mat

I don’t like to say I’m on a diet, I like to refer to it as a lifestyle. There’s no expiration date on when I plan to stop working out or eating right, this is apart of my everyday life. Being healthy and in shape for myself. Feel good, look good, right?! You all remember when I did the 21 day pescatarian diet in the Summer, well since that challenge I’ve consistently eaten tilapia, fish, salmon , vegetables and fruit. When I have a cheat day twice a month is when I’ll eat wings, pizza, or a turkey burger.

We all have body goals and lord knows Teyana Taylor is it for me. Everyone’s body is different, but her body is definitely motivation to keep working out and eating right. Don’t get me wrong I slip up frequently (shh) , you can’t cheat in this lifestyle. The amount of work you put in , the results will show.

My only goal for  2017 is to be at my best shape by my birthday of April 18th! I have three months to focus.

This past Tuesday I reached a milestone of racking 135lbs check out the video below:

I can really appreciate my trainer for the continuous motivation and daily inspiration in and out of the gym. He pushes you but in a good way and doesn’t allow any of his clients to give up.

You can check out my SnapChat for my morning workout routine just a glimpse of what I do during my workout.

What are some workout goals that you have? How has your fitness journey been thus far?

Hey love, thanks for reading I would love to know your thoughts on this post. Comment below!